About Us

Hi, I'm Margaret Smith, I live in, Texas, and I am addicted to sewing! Actually, I am addicted to DIY projects, crafting, and sewing but spending the day sewing is my primary fix!

I grew up with a mom that was a professional tailor and encouraged me to be creative. I can't remember a time when she sat down and officially taught me to sew. It really was just part of what we did routinely. I can remember being very young and sitting on her lap while she sewed. She taught me early to pull out the pins before she came to them. Remember, we never sew over pins!

I had a scrap basket of fabric I could play in, and I was taught which scissors were for fabric and which were for paper and patterns. At some point, I don't remember how old I was; I was allowed to use her machines on my own with permission.

Fast-forward about 20 years ago, and I was a young mom who wanted to sew for my kids. That's when I got my first machine that was all mine! A serger quickly joined that machine. I wanted to make sure my creations looked professional, so I began taking classes, reading books, and asking my mom and other professionals for guidance.

I began teaching others to sew, including my children, and then in 2005, I opened my own business selling the items I was making.

About Let's Learn To Sew

  • Promote sewing and other needlecrafts by providing instruction, inspiration, and encouragement.
  • Celebrate the work of talented quilters, sewists, writers, and designers.
  • Connect the historical foundations of quilting, sewing, and needlecrafts to current trends.
  • Demonstrate ways to use new products, including fabric, patterns, books, and tools.