How to Make A Pacifier Clip: 4 Ways

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Course Curriculum

How To Make A Pacifier Clip

How To Make A Pacifier Clip
Pacifier Class Supplies
Pacifier Clip Safety
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How To Make A Fabric Pacifier Clip

Fabric supplies
Ironing The Fabric for Snap Attachment
Sewing the Strap with a Ribbon or Elastic Attachment
Cutting The Fabric For All Fabric Options
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How To Make A Ribbon Pacifier Clip

Adding Snaps To Pacifier Strap
Adding the Clip and Attaching to Pacifier with Ribbon or Elastic
Attaching the Pacifier Clip
Attaching the Snap to the Ribbon
Ironing Ribbon
PacifierClip YT
Sewing Strap for Snap Clip
Sewing The Ribbon and Securing the Clip
Supplies for Ribbon_Elastic Pacifier Attachment
Ironing and Attaching Ribbon or Elastic
Supplies Ribbon Clip
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